I'm King Harromere Eloden -
“The Savage King”

The wild lands of Eloden, are home to people bound to the focus of Egis, the form of Ylem energy that permeates nature. People of Eloden live a simpler way of life, compared to the other kingdoms of Empyrnea. Eloden is a tribal society, with numerous tribes living in communal village like environments. Some are extremely primitive being composed of primarily thatched huts and caves, while others have single story buildings of cut timber.

Elodens farm and raise just enough livestock and food to nourish their own tribe. They are a social people and trade amongst themselves and strangers often. All Eloden have affinities for animals, bushcraft, herbalism, hunting and other natural craft. When traveling through other kingdoms, all Eloden use the surname of their homeland. Laws are basic and few among the tribes, often centered around a might makes right mindset. Tales of the king’s actions and words find their way into Eloden tradition in less than a single generation.

Eloden’s king and bloodstone lineage is unique in Empyrnea. The Eloden believe that only the strongest has the right to rule others. For this reason, any person may challenge the bearer of the bloodstone for control of the kingdom. The first ascended king, Shar-Nasir lost his life in a challenge combat roughly 200 years after taking control. There have been four Eloden kings in total, including the current king Harromere Briar Eloden, known as “the Savage King” to outsiders, and “the slayer of scions” among his people.

Harromere Briar Eloden came to power only twenty years ago, under a unique circumstance. The current king at the time, fought a rogue scion. So vicious and terrifying was the beast, that no other warrior dare face it but the king.

Too much for even the king to handle, the king ‘s arm was torn from his body and with it the protection of his bloodstone. Moments later the king was struck down. Overcome with rage, Harromere rushed to the fallen king’s side and took up the fight against the scion. After a ruthless battle Harromere was victorious.

Being the only person to ever defeat a scion single-handedly, Harromere was given the king’s bloodstone and his title. Till this day, Harromere wears the scion bear's corpse upon his back as his crown and constant reminder of its sacrifice and the laws of nature that govern his culture.

Reflective of the Egis focus Eloden’s hold so dear, Harromere believes that truth is found in the beauty of the world around them; the streams, mountains, and skies are their friends and their teachers and all that is to be known can be learned from them.

Tir-Duru, the capital city of Eloden is a massive forest village, built in ancient forest. Harromere’s castle is an elevated dwelling, suspended among the branches of a hundred trees.

Illustration by Dylan Pierpont. Written by Nick Macari. Story concepts by Jason Allen and Nick Macari.

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Artwork © 2014 Dylan Pierpont.
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